Intellias hands over two pickups for the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces 

IT company Intellias joined the project "Shahed Hunters” and provided two equipped pickup trucks for the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces
March 6, 2024

Intellias has supplied mobile groups of the PMC ‘West’ with the vehicles with night vision devices, thermal imagers, and searchlights of total worth over UAH 1.2 million. The vehicles were provided as part of the ‘Shahed Hunters’ initiative, a collaborative effort between the Lviv Regional Military Administration and the Lviv IT Cluster. 

The “Shahed Hunters” project includes specialized mobile units to protect critical infrastructure in the region from potential attacks by enemy UAVs. In the initial phase of the project, local businesses purchased and repaired ten vehicles, upgrading them with equipment such as night vision devices, thermal imagers, and spotlights. Subsequently, all ten vehicles were upgraded with automatic turrets. 

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Intellias has consistently supported the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces. Notably, the company helped raise funds to upgrade the command and analysis centres of the Air Command West, resulting in a 40% improvement in air force efficiency. This directly contributed to the destruction of invader missiles and protecting lives of Ukrainian people. 

Additionally, Intellias supplied VR simulators to the training center of the mobile brigades within the Defense Forces, which allowed them to quickly learn how to shoot down enemy missiles. Continuously demonstrating its commitment, the company regularly donates essential equipment to various units of the Air Defencs Forces, including computers, monitors, and laptops. 

The total amount of Intellias’ financial aid to our defenders since the beginning of the full-scale invasion has already exceeded UAH 84 million. Beyond supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Intellias aids military personnel in transitioning to civilian life and supports the families of fallen defenders. 

About Intellias 

Intellias is a global technology company with over 3200 specialists on board. We combine engineering craftsmanship and technology expertise to solve challenges of any nature, scale, and complexity. Our development centers are located in Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, and India. We also have representative offices in Germany, the USA, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates. We are contributing to the success of the world’s leading brands, among which are HERE Technologies, Syngenta, TomTom, HelloFresh and Travis Perkins. 

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