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When it comes to driving a sustainable future,
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Supporting Ukraine

We have a strong volunteering community, which unites people who are eager to make a positive change. At the end of 2021, we launched an internal crowdfunding platform, IntelliShare. It gives our employees an opportunity to start their own fundraising campaigns and to make donations. During a year we gathered more than 500, 000 USD for good causes, with 78% of our employees donating at least once.

Equity, diversity
and inclusion

Intellias is committed to be an equal opportunities employer, embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion as its core values. We became the first Ukrainian IT Company that signed the Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women. Currently, 28,4% of our team are women, and this number keeps growing. We established an internal community for women, IntelliWomen, which unites around 415 female specialists. Besides, we encourage responsible parenting and hold awareness campaigns against domestic violence.


We want to see our cities sustainable and eco-friendly. The Intellias teams develop top-of-the-line solutions to enable automotive and electronic mobility. We also encourage everyday small steps, supporting bike-friendly culture inside the company and in the IT community in general. Our flagship project, Ecomobile Summer, has been around only for a year, but it already involved 400 people on our team and 100, 000 people worldwide.

Training and

Our priority is to help every person fulfill their potential through professional IT education and development. We provide colleagues with access to numerous e-learning platforms, and nurture our mentorship program. Our specialists also share their knowledge with external communities: students, women communities, professionals at the start of IT career etc.

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Stories and insights

Five years in Poland: Intellias opens new office in Kraków
Intellias has held the opening ceremony for a new office location in Kraków featuring a showroom that offers a first-hand look at digital products and concepts brought to life by the company’s experts.
Intellias named Ukraine’s best employer according to Forbes 
Intellias specialists recognize the company as the best employer in the country
Intellias Named a Great Place to Work in India      
Intellias specialists in India have ranked the company higher than other employers in most categories according to the Great Place To Work®
Women in Tech: How Intellias is Empowering Women’s Development, Careers, and Leadership  
Intellias is actively working to implement the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) into work processes and the corporate culture. The number of female specialists at Intellias is growing, and the company is creating even more professional opportunities for them
Intellias Marks First Year in India with Office Opening Ceremony in Pune  
After beginning operations in India in 2022, Intellias has held an inauguration ceremony for its first office in Pune.
More Than 2,500 Participants From Around The World: She Is Tech Conference Wrap-up 
The She Is Tech conference, a large-scale online event organized by Intellias and supported by UN Women, brought together more than 2,500 leading women tech professionals from around the world
Careers And Equal Opportunities: Intellias Brings Women Together At The She Is Tech Conference  
She is Tech, a one-day online event by Intellias with the support of UN Women, will unite more than 1,000 women entrepreneurs, top managers, and social activists from Europe and the US

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