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Our development centers are located all over the world, welcoming talents from Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Check out our locations and drop by to start a new career journey or just to say hi.

Poland is home to brilliant engineers and passionate drivers for change. In our four offices in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Gdansk, we gather tight-knit teams and propel innovations in a supportive, human-to-human environment.
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Sofia, Bulgaria, is gradually becoming an economic and cultural center as well as an up-and-coming IT hub in southeastern Europe. Our local office welcomes new talents, whose skills and knowledge help transform global leaders from various domains. 
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The Intellias office in Zagreb, Croatia, is not only a comfy downtown workplace but a center for the future South European IT hub, which will unite talented specialists and create next-generation solutions.
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Intellias was founded in Lviv over twenty years ago and gradually expanded to other Ukrainian cities. This is our home and power place, which unites outstanding talents and fuels IT industry development.
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Ancient seaports and culture, modern glass-and-stone architecture and ambition for innovation come together in our newly opened office in Malaga. Here, engineers and innovators develop elegant solutions for FinTech and other industries. 
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Two development centers in Portugal were set up in 2022. Since that time, our Lisbon and Porto teams have grown rapidly and contributed greatly to digitalizing the world with a special focus on the mobility domain.
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South America, a region with growing IT opportunities, is now home to an Intellias office. We have opened our doors in Bogotá, Colombia, welcoming a diverse and enthusiastic team of bright engineering minds.
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We opened our top-notch development hub in Pune, India, in 2023. By combining our global expertise and local skills, we plan to continue developing outstanding solutions, specializing in Java, .NET, C++, and DevOps. 
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We work globally

Apart from our development hubs, we have representative centers in Germany, the USA, Great Britain, and the Middle East. They help us establish closer connections with our clients and work effectively on solutions of any scale and complexity. 

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