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What project we have for you

As the Head of Compensation and Benefits for Intellias, you will drive the design, implementation, and management of compensation and benefits programs crucial for attracting and retaining top tech talent. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring our rewards align with market standards, support our innovation-driven culture, and reinforce our position as an employer of choice in the tech/service sector. 

What you will do


  • Develop and execute forward-thinking compensation and benefits strategies aligned with the dynamic needs of a technology-driven workforce. 
  • Utilize market insights and industry trends to design competitive packages for tech professionals worldwide. 
  • Innovate and implement progressive compensation structures, including performance-based incentives, sales commissions, long – term incentives for the leadership and executive teams, and specialized benefits catering to tech professionals’ needs. 
  • Analyze tech talent market data, conduct in-depth salary benchmarking (salary ranges), and provide strategic insights to optimize compensation strategies. 
  • Leverage analytics to assess the effectiveness of benefits programs and propose enhancements. 

Collaboration and Communication: 

Collaborate with talent management leadership, delivery and finance teams to align rewards strategies with the company’s tech-driven growth objectives. 

Lead a team of compensation and benefits specialists, fostering their growth and ensuring their alignment with company goals. 

What you need for this


    • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, Business Administration, or related field. Advanced degree or relevant certifications highly desirable. 
    • 5+ years of proven experience in compensation and benefits management, preferably within the IT/Service sector, with a focus on tech talent. 
    • In-depth knowledge of compensation structures, equity programs, and benefits administration for tech professionals. 
    • Strong analytical skills to interpret tech talent market data and derive actionable insights. 
    • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities, with a knack for engaging diverse teams. 
    • Demonstrated leadership experience, guiding teams towards achieving strategic objectives. 

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At Intellias, we are committed to being an equal opportunity employer, fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion. We welcome and celebrate the differences of all qualified applicants. Join Intellias for a career where your unique perspectives are not only valued but crucial to our success.

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