Tech, Leadership, and Parenthood Harmony. Empowering Women at Intellias  

March 6, 2024

In spring 2021, Intellias became the first IT company in Ukraine to sign the Women’s Empowerment Principles, created by the UN Global Compact and UN Women. Every year, we share our progress in incorporating those principles into daily lives.  

So far, the efficiency of WEPs implementation increased from 14%, in 2021, to 58%, in 2024. In celebration of this result, we’d like to share the stories of our female specialists from different countries whose initiatives and approaches inspire us every day. 

She Is Tech 

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of bringing together voices from diverse backgrounds in the tech industry. Collaborating with speakers from around the globe has been an incredibly enriching experience, reinforcing the importance of fostering inclusivity and representation in our field.” Bianca Sousa, Employer Brand and Communications. Lead

Together with UN Women, Bianca worked on creating the incredible She Is Tech conference.  The event brought together 2,500 tech experts from around the world with over 20 hours of simultaneous conversations and discussions. 50 speakers shared their knowledge, experiences, and visions for the future of women in technology. Almost 800 like-minded women continue to communicate in the She Is Tech Discord chat, using it as a space for networking, collaboration, and mutual support. 

“While there’s still much progress to be made, I’m optimistic that by continuing to contribute to initiatives like She is Tech, we’re paving the way for a more equitable and diverse future in tech,” says Bianca. 

IntelliWomen Community 

Since signing the WEPs, our company has significantly increased the number of opportunities for female professionals, creating a comfortable space for career growth and development. IntelliWomen is one of these. 

“IntelliWomen is an employee-led, voluntary community group in the workplace that ensures equality for women employees, fosters diversity, and promotes inclusivity. Sharing relevant and similar experiences. Boosting women employees’ confidence. Getting advice from others and being challenged in a safe and supportive environment. Discussing topics that are relevant, such as career progression, how to build your influence with positivity, and managing work-life pressures. They help everyone grow.” Sandhya Dulgaj, Talent Delivery Manager and IntelliWomen member. 

The IntelliWomen Community brings together 450 Intellias professionals. The Community serves as a resourceful space for mutual support, and professional and personal development. We have organized 15 Community meetings with invited speakers, attracting over 2,500 participants. IntelliWomen members have also participated in more than 25 external events on various topics related to advancing women’s rights and opportunities. 

Support for women in leadership 

Intellias and KSE Graduate Business School have launched IntelliLeader, an online educational program. At Intellias, we are guided by the principles of Growth Mindset and always seek ways for growth and development. Participants in the IntelliLeader program are managers and leaders at Intellias. They will have the opportunity to unlock their potential and enhance their leadership skills through educational workshops, masterminds, individual coaching sessions, and implementing their own projects. 

 “It was a great journey and opportunity which Intellias offers to experienced leaders with lots of modern info and books, coaching, and mastermind sessions. It was a great journey along with the great internal leaders who show great mastery in their fields and share lots of useful tips.” Inna Izmailova, Head of Talent Delivery.

Education and support for girls and women in STEM 

“I am very inspired to see the benefit I bring to others. Because then you understand that your efforts are not in vain.” 

Victoria Rogalevych, Business Analyst at Intellias, followed this idea when joining the digital skills course for internally displaced women in Ukraine under the NGO Femwork. Victoria managed to help over a hundred women. The oldest participant was 84 years old, the youngest – 49. 

“We covered seven topics, including basic knowledge of using a smartphone: how to use the Contacts and Gallery section, Google Maps, online banking, browsers, email; take photos, and use social networks. The women were very motivated to learn and willingly attended the lectures.” Victoria Rogalevych, Business Analyst.

Parental Responsibility 

Intellias adheres to a policy of responsible parenthood and supports female professionals during pregnancy and childbirth. Our large offices are equipped with childcare rooms where employees can leave their children under the supervision of a nanny. The team also has the flexibility to manage their own time and choose the most convenient work format – in the office, remotely, or a combination of both. We even ranked 5th and received a special recognition for supporting responsible parenthood in the national “Family-Friendly Companies” rating. 

Parents who adopt or foster a child can take advantage of childcare leave and other benefits. These are crucial changes that contribute to ensuring equality of rights and opportunities for every family. 

The story of Olha Pryputa, our Rewards & Operations Specialist, beautifully illustrates all these points. By the way, she is one of the creators of the IntelliFamily program. Olha has two children. After the birth of her first son, Olha couldn’t return to her previous job, as it required constant office work and a full-time schedule. She wanted to spend more time with her child. After the birth of her second son, she started a small business and later joined Intellias. Thanks to the opportunity to work remotely and a flexible schedule, she could spend more time with her family. Now, Olha has welcomed her first daughter. 

“My third maternity leave didn’t scare me; on the contrary, considering my experience and having such working conditions, I felt confident and calm. I worked until the last day of pregnancy, although my team was ready to substitute for me at any moment; we had fully distributed responsibilities just in case. I took leave to settle in, get to know the new member of our family. And within a month, I returned to work with the possibility of working part-time.” 

“It is very important to understand yourself and your child; if you feel that you need to stay on maternity leave, -it’s worth listening to. I saw that I coped with the new circumstances; and if I could find time to bake homemade bread, it was clearly time to return to work, because there are much more important things here. And I will return to baking bread at another stage of my life.” Olha Pryputa, Rewards and Operations Specialist.

As part of our support for responsible parenthood, we created the IntelliParents Community, a group that brings parents together for sharing experiences, communication, and support.  

There are many plans, and even more strength and desire in our team to implement them. So, see you in the next blog! 


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