How to Take Part in Referral Campaigns and Win

Марта Сомик
January 4, 2021

Working with friends or spending vacation in the Carpathians can be possible with the Intellias referral program. It’s very simple. You see a vacancy, recommend a friend, and get a money bonus or even a gift sometimes — a quadcopter, a smartphone, a comfy chair for your home office, or a ski trip. Here are several stories about the referral winners and their rewards.

Right people in the right place

Here is Oksana Cherkezia, a delivery coordinator in the digital segment. She holds a well-deserved certificate for S5000, which she won for her participation in one of our referral campaigns. She plans to spend it on a family vacation.

“I’m always happy to offer good opportunities to good people. When you know a person from a previous place of work, you have a good network and a common ground with them. It’s so much easier to trust someone you know, who tells you about professional opportunities and interesting projects in the company. Even if you were not planning to change a job, your motivation skyrockets after such stories and you might change your mind” 

Oksana made recommendations for several vacancies, including DevOps engineer, delivery manager, business analyst, QA engineer, and staffing partner, which secured her win.

“I received a ton of messages from my colleagues, that’s how I figured out that I must have won. Of course, I was happy to receive a prize, but I’m also happy to do something good for the company. I have always made referrals and I will keep doing that because Intellias is a great place to work, to start or develop your career. Taking into account our future plans and our people-centered culture it is really a pleasure to invite my friends to work here”.

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Have some coffee, do some work… with your brother 

Bohdan Sverdlov, a principal senior C++ developer, has a slightly different story. His case proves that one doesn’t have to make referrals for years to get a reward. Sometimes all it takes is finding a perfect specialist for a certain project. Recently, he referred his older brother Ivan as a candidate to take a Senior Java developer role. Ivan accepted a job offer, and Bohdan received a gift, a coffee machine. “I really like coffee. It helps me stay focused on my job, I always drink black coffee with no sugar. My brother has already been to my place for a cup of coffee”. By the way, Bohdan had had his own coffee machine before he won our prize, so now he has two. Time to open a coffee place? 

Not only the winner takes it all 

Not only winners get the prizes. Ask Maksym Nazaruk, a strong middle Java engiener. Just like in Bohdan’s case, his first referral was successful and his friend accepted a job offer. Then Maksym made another couple referrals. His main principal is to recommend those people, whose skills and mindset would be a good fit. And in one of the recent campaigns his strategy proven itself right — Maksym won a monitor.

One PlayStation is good, two are way better 

Andriy Gladstein, a mobility team lead famous for his lack of luck in referrals, has finally broken the spell during one of the latest campaigns. He likes to say that he can find a way to lose even in a foolproof lottery. So he never focuses on the prize. Instead, he tries to recommend good people to the company. This time he recommended a business analyst and unexpectedly won a PlayStation 5. 

Funnily enough, last summer Andriy bough a previous version of PlayStation, but he’s still very excited about the gift because he has two young kids at home. “Even if I didn’t like playing, there would always be people around who very much do”, says Andriy. He thinks that referral campaigns go beyond prizes and money bonuses. They help build trustful relationships inside the IT community.  

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