How Intellias Empowers Women

Intellias reports on important projects implemented that incorporate the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which were initiated by the UN Global & UN Women and signed by the company
Iryna Yurkovska-Oliiarnyk
March 7, 2023

Chicago, IL – Mar 7, 2023 – Intellias considers equity, diversity, and inclusion among its core values. Since signing the WEPs in spring 2021, the company has significantly improved in these areas, implementing the principles in local and global work processes. To understand the progress made, the WEPs estimation and analysis tool was used to evaluate four areas: leadership and management, workplace and conditions, market, and community.

According to the results, Intellias increased the effectiveness of implementing WEPs by almost three fold: from 14% in 2021 to 40% in 2023. During this time, the percentage of female specialists at Intellias grew from 26% at the beginning of 2021 to 27.6% in 2023. The share of female specialists involved in technology development increased from 17% in 2021 to 17.9% in 2023. Women now occupy 43.81% of management positions, compared to 35.16% in 2021.

After signing the WEPs, the company offered more opportunities to create a comfortable space for women to grow and develop professionally. Firstly, Intellias created the IntelliWomen Community, which currently has 400 members. This Community gives women a creative place for mutual support and for professional and personal development. Together with Zemliachky. Ukrainian Front Fund, the Community initiated a fundraising campaign to support women on the front lines in Ukraine. During the campaign, 300,000 UAH were raised, and 50 units of winter uniforms made for women were purchased. Currently, another fundraising campaign is running to raise 300,000 UAH and purchase 120 pairs of tactical shoes made for women.

Intellias further ensures the effective implementation of equality and diversity principles by following several policies, including the Equal Opportunities Policy, the Anti-Violence Policy, and the Policy for the Prevention of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. The company signed the declaration for gender equality and prevention of domestic violence, developed by the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine and the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Center. The company’s Code of Corporate Ethics and its Ethics Committee guarantee compliance with principles of equality. They provide employees with a mechanism to submit anonymous appeals regarding any form of discrimination in the workplace.

Intellias also adheres to the policy of responsible parenthood and supports employees who have newborns. The company’s largest offices are equipped with nurseries, where employees can leave their children under the supervision of a nanny. In addition, employees can manage their time and choose the most convenient way to work – in the office, from home, or through a hybrid format. The company was ranked fifth and received a special award for supporting responsible parenthood in the national Family-Friendly Companies ranking organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Ukraine and the Center for the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Intellias employees often join public initiatives to share their expertise and overcome the challenges that women still face. In particular, IntelliWomen members cooperate with the “Girls in STEM” organization and the Global Compact Network in Ukraine. Intellias experts also support UNFPA initiatives, including projects by the Open Laboratory Lviv NGO. The company also regularly participates in initiatives that promote women’s empowerment in IT, including the Hour of Code.

About WEP

The Women Empowerment Principles is an international initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact. The WEPs initiative offers seven principles that help businesses implement gender equality policies and empower women. The WEPs have been signed by 7,582 companies worldwide, including 21 companies from Ukraine.

About Intellias

Intellias is a global technology partner to Fortune 500 enterprises and top-tier organizations, helping them accelerate their pace of sustainable digitalisation. Intellias empowers businesses operating in Europe and the US, as well as the MENA and APAC regions, to embrace innovation at scale. The company has been featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, recognised by Inc. 5000, and acknowledged in Forbes and the GSA UK Awards. With two decades of experience, Intellias is geared towards ensuring the sustained success of clients on their value journey.

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