Five years in Poland: Intellias opens new office in Kraków

Intellias has held the opening ceremony for a new office location in Kraków featuring a showroom that offers a first-hand look at digital products and concepts brought to life by the company’s experts.
Iryna Yurkovska-Oliiarnyk
May 28, 2024

May 28, 2024 – Kraków, Poland – Intellias, a global technology partner for top-tier organizations and one of the best workplaces in Poland according to Great Place to Work, held the opening ceremony for a new engineering center in Kraków on May 28.   

The newly relocated Kraków office is one of four Intellias offices in Poland, alongside locations in Warsaw, Wrocław, and Łódź. Intellias talents in Poland, together with over 3,200 other Intellias professionals around the globe, develop digital solutions for industry leaders in the mobility, telecom and media, financial services, and retail spheres.  

The synergy of talent and innovation shaping the future of technology drives Intellias’ growth and globalization. The Polish market, abundant with skilled professionals, offers an ideal environment for our new engineering center. This center will be a hub for creating digital solutions and expanding our technological capabilities. This is exactly where tech meets talent.

Vitaly Sedler
CEO and co-founder of Intellias  

During the opening ceremony, Oleh Piskozub, country head of Intellias Poland, thanked the Intellias Kraków team for five years of growth and highlighted the company’s plans for further development in Poland. Oleh emphasized that regardless of how fast Intellias grows, people’s comfort and professional development will always be the main focus of the corporate culture:  

At Intellias, we always put people at the center of all processes. Our specialists choose when to start and finish their working day, where to work, and what career path to pursue. We create all the opportunities for their professional development and are proud of all their professional achievements. That’s our way to be a team.

The highlight of the new Kraków office is the Intellias Showroom, where both team members and office visitors can interact with innovative digital products created by Intellias professionals. The Intellias Showroom was launched with a variety of exhibits, each presenting different aspects of the company’s technological expertise:  


  • IntelliKit: a portable automotive kit that showcases Intellias capabilities in hardware, software, cloud integration, and UI design.  
  • IntelliTwin: a cloud-agnostic platform offering real-time digital reflections of physical environments.
  • Smart Farming System: software that automates and optimizes indoor plant growth by incorporating advanced digital twin technology.  
  • Smart Cutting Machine: equipment that allows users to develop and personalize physical designs for a wide range of applications   
  • Telecom Demo Solutions: a Drone-based Network Augmentation Solution, demonstrating how drone-based 5G network repeaters can restore coverage in disaster areas, and Telecom Smart CapEx, which visualizes geospatial data and offers intelligent network planning for next-gen networks.  

The new Intellias office is located in the comfortable Fabryczna Office Park. Intellias offices are designed to make colleagues feel comfortable, both physically and emotionally. With spacious workspaces, modern meeting rooms, and collaborative areas, the new Kraków office gives team members an enjoyable place to work and grow. 

The move to Fabryczna Office Park is a symbolic milestone in the development of Intellias in Poland, which emphasizes the company’s strong position on the Polish market. It is no accident that our client chose this office park. It has an excellent location in the heart of the Grzegórzki district, restaurants and services nearby, and multifunctionality appreciated by the Intellias team.

Dariusz Madej
Associate, Cushman & Wakefield

Over several years of operating in the Polish market, Intellias has won numerous awards and honors. The company has been recognized as a Great Place to Work, with one of the highest levels of employee trust among employers in Poland. Intellias has also been included in a list of Best Workplaces in Poland and was named the best workplace as chosen by Millennials. In 2023, Intellias won first place along with a special award at the SoDA Awards and received the Polish Innovation Award during the Jubilee 10th edition of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress. 

About Intellias  

Intellias is a global technology partner to Fortune 500 enterprises and digital innovators, helping them accelerate their pace of sustainable digitalization. Intellias empowers businesses operating in Europe, North America, the MENA region, and the APAC region to embrace innovation at scale. The company has been featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, recognized by Inc. 5000, and acknowledged in Forbes and the GSA UK Awards. With two decades of experience, Intellias is geared towards ensuring the sustained success of clients on their value journey. 

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